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tor. 12. okt.


Georg Morgenstiernes hus: Arne Næss aud.

Lorentz Dietrichson Lecture 2023

Den fjerde Lorentz Dietrichson Lecture holdes av Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe, universitetslektor og dosent i kunsthistorie ved Stockholms universitet.

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Lorentz Dietrichson Lecture 2023
Lorentz Dietrichson Lecture 2023

Tid og sted

12. okt. 2023, 18:00 – 20:00

Georg Morgenstiernes hus: Arne Næss aud., Blindernveien 31, 0851 Oslo, Norge

Om eventen

Lorentz Dietrichson Lecture 2023 gjennomføres i samarbeid med Faggruppe for kunsthistorie ved Institutt for filosofi, idé- og kunsthistorie og klassiske språk.

Forelesningen er gratis og åpen for alle. Påmelding er ikke nødvendig. Velkommen!

Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe

"Artistic mobility and cultural transfer: Geohistoricising early twentieth century Scandinavian art"

In recent decades, the necessity to globalise art history has become apparent. While post- and de-colonial theories have rightly questioned and severely challenged dominant Western paradigms, other critical voices have pointed to the need for theoretical models and methodologies that can both account for how diverse geopolitical “peripheries” belong in a global context and differentiate the homogenising notion of Eurocentrism. Drawing on theories from critical art geography, this lecture explores artistic mobility and cultural transfer during the first decades of the twentieth century with a particular focus on how Scandinavian artists operated from within a dominating Europe, but from a position on its margins. Challenging diffusionist narratives of modern artistic development as a one-way transfer from centre to “periphery” and scrutinising the conditions of mobility, the lecture discusses the circulation of subjects and objects, as well as theories and practices, in terms of both tangible and desirable spatial relations and asks in what ways artistic mobility and cultural transfer was productive of, and produced by, diverse power relations.


Isaac Grünewald, Iván by the Armchair (1915), oil on canvas, 85 x 64,5 cm. Stockholm: Moderna Museet.

Fotografiet av Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe er tatt av Sören Andersson / Stockholms universitet.

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